Case Study

NY based IT company experienced exceptional revenue growth with customized marketing solutions

Client : NY based IT company providing consultancy, training and ERP solutions

Client’s marketing team faced challenges in generating enough volume of leads to fuel their marketing funnel consistently which led down the overall revenue by 25% as compared to last year. This happened majorly due to the limited channels they were using to drive MQL’s for them with the limitations of the staff assigned within the marketing department.

On the other end, their competitors were gaining upper hand by leveraging and using several marketing agencies as an external support and drive their marketing programs.

Client decided to have a quarterly budget assigned for external help from marketing agencies to drive MQL’s for them starting Q2.

Zinoit, one of the leading sales and marketing support company took the charge to strategize and execute marketing campaigns for them.


Post studying the clients existing marketing efforts and the recent case of revenue downfall, Zinoit’s expertise advised to have an aggressive approach towards running content syndication campaign along with email and telemarketing programs.

Strategy applied:

Based on several meetings and discussions with the clients marketing team, both parties mutually decided to proceed with the content syndication program along with running a parallel telemarketing program.

A proper requirement gathering was done with thorough understanding of the clients target audience, where they come from, their industry, company size, etc.


inhouse opt-in database was used along with clients existing legacy data which was in depth cleansed and appended by Zinoit’s data team before going live with the campaigns.With the help of blend of Email and Telemarketing,Zinoit made sure that they were able to fuel the client’s marketing funnel consistently, along with the leads they were  receiving gradually from the traditional approach of form filling via syndicating content on different platforms.


This was an ongoing practice followed for Q2, Q3 and Q4 which yielded positive results as below :

  • Acceleration in lead generation rate by 55%

  • Website traffic increased substantially

  • Happy customers and a 30% ROI was noted by the end of last quarter.

  • 20% increase in sales opportunities.

  • Sales team was able to acquire28 new accounts.


 is a Technology focused multi-channel demand generation & marketing company backed by professionals who live and breathe B2B marketing.

Experts in Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Data enrichment services and Digital marketing

Marketing teams use Zinoit to identify whom they should target based on who is looking for their solutions as well as competing solutions.