Case Study

Connecticut based Mid-Sized IT company experienced increased volume leads by adding a look alike target account list approach to their ABM activities

Client : CT based IT Product and Service Company

Client, who is more than a decade old MNC providing IT product implementation and up gradation majorly to Manufacturing and healthcare industries wanted to further enhance their lead generation, ABM activities.


Zinoit, one of the best B2B Data and Lead Generation provider came in as a referral and one of the significant marketers from the company had Zinoit in their record as well which led to easy and effective requirement gathering.

Zinoit’s executives studied client’s existing target account list data which included their potential buyer list of SMBs in the manufacturing and healthcare domain. The list of target accounts was limited which had been used over a period of time and there was a lot of potential in reaching out to a wider set of accounts which might have been similar in terms of the parameters of the existing target accounts.

While Zinoit offered to build net new contacts of decision makers which were not tapped before within the existing account list they also proposed to build an additional lookalike list of accounts and run ABM programs for their Q3 lead generation activities.

Strategy applied:

 step 1: Client's existing target account list was thoroughly reviewed and a look alike list of accounts were built considering the buyer demographics. Altogether a massive list of technology decision makers was built considering the appropriate buyer information.

 step 2: Client's marketing team had developed a mix of marketing content which included 2 whitepapers, 1 case study and a live webinar to promote.

A set of landing pages were created for all the marketing assets and were then hosted by Zinoit, which thereafter were promoted to the said set of lookalike target accounts and their contacts by the means of blend of Content Syndication and Telemarketing/Email Marketing.


Client experienced exceptional quality and volume of TOFU and MOFU leads in Q3 and Q4,

  • 2X higher engagement
  • Lead nurturing rate increased by 25% in Q4
  • 20% increase in sales opportunities by end of Q4
  • Increase of opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell to existing accounts.


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