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We give the data all the required attention that it
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Data Solutions

Data List Purchase

Why hire us for data services?
  • We standardize, de-dupe, append and cleanse your data to make it look accurate and instant ready to use in your marketing and sales initiatives.
  • We are committed to providing qualitative data with in-depth analyzation of the industry using best practices and resources available.
  • Our Data building enhances your prospect acquisition effort by quickly and cost-efficiently adding new prospects to your database.We ensure that not a single of your penny is wasted and instead, each oneis well spent for its worth, thus we give 100% accuracy commitment for the data we provide.
  • We save your time and energy that you might have been spending on the data that is not worthy enough.
  • We run Opt-in campaign to have your data ready for outreach and you do not have to be bothered about spamming.
  • Update, Validate and Enrich your database by using our expertise
Data List Purchase
Data List Purchase | Custom List building | Database cleansing

Zinoit’s custom list build is powered by 60 million contacts, our human verification process helps you with 100% accurate contacts based on customized filters and targeting to help you find the right person for your outreach.

Our human verified approach and volume-based CPM pricing makes us one of the best list partners in the marketplace. We are here to accommodate your custom list requests, from email and phone appends, to data processing work, hygiene services, and suppressions.

What you get by utilizing Zinoit’s global contact database to kickstart your Email Marketing initiatives-

Our List-suppression service allows us to exclude the existing contacts from your database and to build or deliver 100% net new contacts.

Once you provide us your contact lists, we de-dupe the data, meaning we identify any duplicates within the list and effectively remove them.

A thorough Cleansing of the lists are done to identify and remove any of the existing inaccurate data.

With a very systematic Verification process, we verify the email, phone number, address, and whether the contact is still associated with the listed organization.

We Append the entire existing database to identify incorrect information and effectively replace that with accurate data.

Custom List building


Identify Target Audience

Check Availability in Master Data

Phone verification


Database Collection

Primary Check & Junk Removal

Enrich the Data Validity
Get Result-Driven Data

We help you target Companies using your competitors Product

We target the organizations that use the products like yours so that you understand what their requirements are.

Our partner network tracks more than 17000 software and hardware install base. By mapping these install base with our master data to run effective install base campaigns.

We salvage this information through trusted sources and by executing inhouse profiling campaigns.

By studying the database of users who use one or more of your products, and by analyzing the install base data of competitors, partners, and complimentary products/services you can unveil new insights into buyer profiles and preferences, and this can create new opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and convert customers to your product.

Database cleansing

In today's everchanging dynamics of the marketing world, we provide:

Database cleansing
B2B email list
Database cleansing New York
Technology install-base data
Database cleansing
Global B2B database
Database cleansing
GDPR-ready data


We deliver in real time through API, direct integration with your CRM or any technology stack.

Leads followed up within a short TAT are 10X more likely to become a deal.

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