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About Us

Who are we

With experience in both the physical and online business world, Zinoit aims to cater to all the B2B lead generation needs of the company and increase their sales with the help of experts in the team. Zinoit has dealt with clients from different countries round the globe and now aims to do the same for organizations online. Dealing with our customer's sales needs and enriching their data to attract more target customers is our job that we plan on doing successfully.

Lead Generation

We have experts with over 15 years of experience


Our Vision

We have a clear vision in mind that helps us provide productive data offering high-end sales solutions to the companies looking forward to having an impact in the market.


Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and prosper, keeping our values in mind and catering to the needs of the customers with our expertise and skills for the industry. We aim to lead the industry with 100% customer satisfaction, who take our name forward with the results that fulfill their needs!

As per the latest research, 53% of the businesses have been investing more than half of their budget in lead generation, explaining the need for the service in the market today. Also, about 46% of companies out there have realized that the sales shall be handled by the experts in the industry and hence spend a fortune on sales services.

  • Here at Zinoit, we have experts with over 15 years of experience in lead generation and IT sales to carry forward your sales by identifying the right assets which keeps us ahead of the game.
  • Experts in the various services have joined our team to form a fully integrated suite identifying potential business opportunities for our customers and increasing their sales with an ideal methodology using our B2B sales solutions skills.
  • Understanding the need for a productive workforce in an organization, our team pursues the best talent in the industry for your company.
  • Also, our team plays an integral part in enriching the potential data qualitatively. At last, we will market your products or services using all the digital channels in order to substantially enhance your business.

Zinoit is trusted by some of the leading technology companies, media agencies and publishers in the market worldwide, to accomplish their Marketing goals. Expand your reach to the buyer clan with our unique pay for performance audience development solutions with real-time behavioral data and Intent insights. We have solutions to support your sales funnel, covering the overall stage of buyer’s journey.We help initiate dialog between the buyers and sellers with our Lead Generation Solutions offering MQL, SQL, HQL’s using several marketing tactics including Traditional Content Syndication, ABM, Email Marketing, Telemarketing etc.

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