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We do what it takes to ensure each opportunity we handoff is ready for the next step in the sales cycle—whether it is for further follow-up or the finishing touches of a sales deal.

Lead Generation

While you invest in us for the lead generation service, you are planning to earn more already! We turn your investment into profits and our efforts into success for your organization. With the sizeable intent base data that we have compiled by meticulously monitoring several available sources, we provide best in class lead generation experience. Now, let us explain why you should invest in lead generation services with us:
  • We have built a vast intent base data by regularly monitoring billions of read/write signals that include search, marketing collateral, job posts, resume databases to extract intent and the right-party contact information, which in turn is used for a successful campaign running.
  • Our pure pay for performance model helps improve the ROI on your marketing spend significantly.
  • Our comprehensive lead generation solutions can help you generate Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads and BANT Leads. Our Multi-touch Multi-channel Marketing approach sets the stage for your brand to reach your target decision-makers through our phone, email, social and online outreach. Our solutions can be customized to suit your requirements and the marketing tactics that you would like to opt for.
  • We help initiate dialog between the buyers and sellers with our Lead Generation Solutions offering MQL, SQL, HQL’s using several marketing tactics including Traditional content Syndication, ABM etc.
  • We also cover a global audience that geographically covers North America, Latin America, EMEA, APAC & ANZ.
  • We do what it takes to ensure each opportunity we handoff is ready for the next step in the sales cycle—whether it is for further follow-up or the finishing touches of a sales deal.




All your content and digital assets like whitepapers, eBooks, Webinars, newsletters, case studies and all your webinars can be efficiently promoted and propagated using this inimitable multichannel methodology – Content Syndication. With this we help promote your content to the right audience.



MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) are leads generated by considering a person’s activities like webpage visits, downloads, and similar engagements with the business’s content, such alead is regarded as a potential customer more likely than any other form of leads.


A prospect that has been professionally researched and approved firsthand by an organization’s marketing and sales team is regarded as a sales-qualified lead (SQL). Sales qualified leads (SQL) or BANT are a superior version of lead generation qualitatively. Zinoit can help you customize your SQL/ BANT by combining various tactics and involving multiple custom questions which in turn help harvest more refined leads.


Zinoit's Recall leads are a premium version of leads, which, as the name states, is a lead where prospects are interested to receive a call back from a sales rep. This paves way for the sales rep to reach out to the potential buyer over a call and nurture the prospect.



Install base lead consists of studying the organizations that use the products like yours so that you understand what their requirements are to further garner potential customers. By studying the database of users who use one or more of your products, and by analyzing the install base data of competitors, partners, and complimentary products/services you can unveil new insights into buyer profiles and preferences, and this can create new opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and convert customers to your product.


As Zinoit's motto speaks, our ABM facilitates you to FINDyour target accounts from our intent based dataCONNECT with the appropriate audience within those accounts who play an important role in decision making and ENGAGE those contacts and accounts with our Lead Generation Solutions and strategies. We work as an integrated part of your marketing team to track your inbound information with respect to website, emails, social posts, receiving and responding to direct mails etc. to formulate a target account list for ABM initiatives.



All our leads are hundred percent QA qualified, and each lead undergoes a rigorous and thorough quality check mechanism. Our QA team contributes to a 20% of the total workforce which facilitates the real-time audit and delivery process through API, integration with your CRM or any other technology stack.